Penny Arcade vs. Ocean Marketing

If you have no idea what they’re talking about, check the interwebs ;)

1. The guy (David Kotkin) who invented the Avenger-controller has nothing to do with OceanMarketing. Anymore.

2. The person posting on the Twitter-stream featured on the company’s official website is not Paul. I guess he and his large workforce just haven’t gotten around to the unduly strenous task of updating the website.
The person tweeting now is promoting indie games.

3. Paul is notorious in dealing with customers like this.

3. Apparently, once Paul realized he was actually dealing with Penny Arcade and that - oh snap - HE just got told, he tried to apologize sleazy style, because his wife and kids were suffering. You know, shipping problems, birth of a kid, faulty systems and bad  old customer service reps, the usual that makes you act like an ass toward your paying customers.
So let it be said that the interwebs mean no harm to Mrs. C or C. jr., we’re a righteous people…

4. Paul’s new twitter displays a similar lack of orthography skills as his e-mails. Though I’m thinking he might’ve gotten hacked. Which is good for him, because he should probably just keep his mouth shut for the next decade or so.

(Follow-up blog post here,
~ anh)

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Wappentier der Pommesbuden: Der Frikadellensittich.

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Joghurttampons mit Erdbeergeschmack.



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save lives.

Commas save lives:

Let’s eat grandpa!

Capitalization saves lives:

Help your uncle jack off a horse!

Chemistry saves lives:

Two men walk into a bar. The first orders some H2O. The second says" Sounds good, I'll have some H2O, too!"  The second man died.

~ anh


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